Product Selection Guide Page 999 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

999 ACCESSORIES PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION Software Advanced Graphical Control: Pan and zoom, floor-plan based energy management software for control and real-time monitoring of wired/wireless lights, sensors and basic HVAC solutions. Features - Analyze energy usage (kWh) on time and number of strikes and cycles relative to a daily, weekly, monthly or user-defined time interval - Notification via software, email, or a signal to a third-party system when control point exceeds a specified number of daily/total run hours, number of strikes or if occupancy is detected during user-defined "Unoccupied Time" - Quick activation of pre-defined load shedding scenarios - Customize zones, groups and time schedule for specific areas - Available with customer-specific graphics and page - Real-time occupancy information and access to IP cameras PC Based Configuration Unity GX2 PC allows PC based control, monitoring and configuration of controls, sensors, and schedules. Web Based Floor Plan Unity GX2 Web allows floorplan control via any web browser. TM Lighting Control Software PRODUCT INFORMATION

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