Product Selection Guide Page 997 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

997 FACTORY ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN Silver Bullet The Silver Bullet panel houses non-system current limiting breakers, which restrict the total power available to a branch circuit. These are typically used to to allow track lighting fixtures to comply with stricter energy codes and W/ft2 allowances. Two Enclosure Sizes Features PRODUCT INFORMATION Smart Breaker Panels Smart Breakers are the combination of a controllable relay and a circuit breaker within a single device. Smart Breaker Panels require less space and eliminate the need to wire between breakers and relays. For many projects, this savings in on-site labor and material leads to a much lower installed cost and reduced installation errors. Furthermore, the Smart Breaker panel interiors can be quickly retrofit into existing breaker panel enclosures allowing for digital lighting control in any space. Features network ready PRODUCT INFORMATION

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