Product Selection Guide Page 996 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

996 FACTORY ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN Quintessence Minimize construction costs and better manage construction time with Quintessence. At our factory, we will engineer, assemble, pre-wire and pre-program any of our digital lighting control panels with other electrical equipment including breaker panels, the Silver Bullet and surge suppression. Features Pre-Fabricated Electrical Rooms Pre-fabricated electrical closets or rooms are also available and can include telecom, main transformers, security and fire safety/suppression The SilverBullet Sub-Branch Circuit Current Limiter Eliminate the 30 to 70 watts-per-foot energy code deductions for track lighting Surge Suppression Protect power inputs, loads and even our digital network; assemblies are manufactured percustomer specifications Pre-wired Breakers Reduce installation time and better manager costs; we will manufacture assemblies to your specification PRODUCT INFORMATION GR 2400 Panels The GR 2400 Panel is a centralized relay panel which houses the digital time clock (the time keeper and primary system programming interface) and up to 48 relays. Providing a flexible voltage barrier system and space for single and double pole relays, the GR 2400 Panel is a highly configurable switching solution. Two Enclosure Sizes Features remote (21 x 8 characters) acts as programming interface for the entire system Ten-year battery back-up for time-of-day device) with Cat.5 with RJ45s practically eliminate contractor call-backs. Panels arrive network ready PRODUCT INFORMATION

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