Product Selection Guide Page 994 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

994 FACTORY ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION XPOINT XPoint is a fully-distributed switchingand dimming solution allowing remotemounting of 30A relay modules for individual fixture or single circuit control of lighting, plug load, or select mechanical equipment. Modules can be organized into varioussize groups, and quickly recalled for user specific light settings. Graphical software allows instant rezoning of lights as space changes. Features - Single and Dual 30A switching relay - Single 30A with 0-10V dimming, and photocell/occupancy sensor inputs - 0-10V dimming with sensor inputs (no relay - for retrofit with existing relay systems) - 6A 2-pole 480V - 5A 2- or 3-wire phase control management solution XPoint LT Panel Chelsea Switch Brighton Switch SwitchBolt Switch XPoint Modules Occ. Sensor Indoor Photocell Wireless Receiver Wireless Switch Wireless Occ. Sensor Wireless Photocell Wireless Module Wireless Products To next GR2400 device Up to 64 modules (128 total) Cat. 5 cable with RJ45 connectors PRODUCT INFORMATION

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