Product Selection Guide Page 993 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

993 QUICK CONFIGURED SYSTEMS PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION Features and presence of mastering devices (ex. room keycard) (up to 8 relays can be housed locally within panel) Wireless Accessories xCella Module Single 30A relay for control of a single fixture or an entire circuit Gateway Link to GR 2400 system for basic control & monitoring Keycard Switch Wireless mechanical style, or wired IR beam with nightlight Rocker Switch Self-powered (piezoelectric), single or dual pad Solar Photocell * Can be oriented for open or closed loop operation In-Wall Switch Line voltage retrofit load center and switch Occupancy Sensor * Solar powered passive infrared or battery powered dual tech Solar Window/Door Switch * Magnetic contact, differentiated output for open vs. close In-Line Plug Module Easily add wireless control to any plug-in load * Optional battery back-up xCella Wireless products can be combined with other LC&D systems to create a hybrid wired and wireless solution. PRODUCT INFORMATION

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