Product Selection Guide Page 992 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

992 QUICK CONFIGURED SYSTEMS PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION xCELLA WIRELESS Pair & Play Energy Management Solutions Ideal for rooms and smaller areas, xCella switches and sensorsare wirelessly paired with distributed relays to create lighting control systems that communicate device-to-device without requiring a central processor or gateway. Many of the sensors and switches feature true wireless operation, meaning no power or communication wires are required because the sensors use available light, long-life battery or manual activation to power themselves. xCella devices may be connected to a GR 2400 system for centralized management and reporting. OFFICES xCella Module quickly install wherever main circuits are feeding the space, and has the option to integrate emergency relays for cost-effective code compliance. quickly and easily moved for best cubicle/desk coverage. controls can be used to change current light levels or activate lights when sensors are set to vacancy mode. GYMNASIUM the gym based on a time schedule, override switch, or sensors. vacant sections for occupants who briefly pass through. metal SwitchBolt or Key Switch will survive impacts from balls and other hurtling objects, without triggering a change in the lighting system. DORM window sensor and a wireless occupancy sensor allow responsible energy usage by resident. When unoccupied, the room powers down (turn off/ setback HVAC, lighting, and select plug loads). Room occupancy is verified only during the 10 minutes following a door closure, and is updated on subsequent door closures, thus avoiding false-offscenarios during studying or sleeping. PRODUCT INFORMATION

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