Product Selection Guide Page 990 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

990 QUICK CONFIGURED SYSTEMS PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION BLUE BOX LT Cost Effective Automated Switching Known as the contractor panel, Blue Box LT is a simple, cost- effective alternative to traditional time clocks, twist timers and contactors. It eliminates expensive line-voltage cabling for override switches and photocells, and is an appropriate solution for small-to medium-size switching projects. COMMON AREAS & HALLWAYS sensors turn offlighting in unused areas lighting when ample daylight is present alarm systems activates lights during emergencies RETAIL control or remotely CLASSROOM stations based on time of day or using a key switch costly repairs and inoperability of lights monitoring of all facilities via Unity GX2 software MICRO PANEL Flexible Dimming & Daylight Harvesting The MicroPanel integrates manual control, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting in a multi-level lighting environment such as an office, classroom or even aisle lighting in a daylit warehouse. Network together to create a single building-wide system that distributes power and controls throughout the space. PRODUCT INFORMATION

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