Product Selection Guide Page 99 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 99 PSG11 Series Number of lamps 2 Lamp type Ballast configuration Voltage Ballast Reflector 7 MRS4 4' channel MRS8 8' channel 1 Traditional strip channel retrofit kit 1 2 32 32W T8 (2x4, 1x4) 17 17W T8 (2x2) 28T5 28W T5 (2x4, 1x4) 14T5 14W T5 (2x2) 24T5HO 24W T5HO (2x2) 54T5HO 54W T5HO (2x4, 1x4) 1/1 One 1-lamp ballast 4 1/2 One 2-lamp ballast 5 2/2 Two 2-lamp ballasts 6 1/4 One 4-lamp ballast 6 (blank) No ballast 3 (blank) MVOLT (120-277) 347 347V T8 BINP IS, high efficiency, .88 bf (normal) BILP IS, high efficiency, .78 bf (low) BIHP IS, high efficiency, 1.20 bf (high) BPNP PRS, high efficiency, .88 bf (normal) BSNP PRS, step dimming, high efficiency, .87/.34 bf (normal) T5 GEB95 PRS, .95 bf GEB10PS PRS, 1.0 bf T5HO L/BIS No ballast, shunted IS sockets L/BPS 3 No ballast, unshunted RS/PS sockets Other ballasts and ballast factors available WHR High reflectance (92%) white SSR Specular (95% reflectance) ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: MRS8 2 32 1/4 BINP WHR Intended Use The MRS series is designed as an economical retrofit solution to convert existing 8 and 4 strip-type industrial fixtures to more efficient fluorescent solutions. MRS8 kit converts fixtures requiring 8 lamps to much more efficient tandem 4 T8 units. Kits install quickly and easily to a range of channel widths and fixture types. Features Conversion brackets adjust easily to fit a range of common channel widths from 4.0 to 5.25 Pre-wired ballast / electrical assemblies install quickly and easily in most common channels Ballast disconnect supplied as standard when ordered as pre-wired ballast assembly Kits are available as simple channel cover or with highly efficient industrial reflectors Reflectors are available in highly specular (95%) or high reflectance white (92%) finishes Standard ballasts are CEE certified to qualify for utility rebate requirements Listings UL / cUL Classified for retrofit of existing host fluorescent fixtures. Installation does not impact existing fixture UL listing. MRS4/MRS8 Retrofit T8/T5 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Two 4 channel covers. 2 Number of lamps in cross section per 4 length (e.g., MRS8 2 32 uses four lamps total). 3 Kits ordered without ballast must be ordered in multiples of qty 10. 4 MRS4 1 32 only. 5 MRS4 2 32 or MRS8 1 32 only. 6 MRS8 2 32 only. 7 Reflectors ship separately for field installation. Optional SSR reflector shown RELIGHT/RETROFIT Retrofit LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR

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