Product Selection Guide Page 989 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

989 GR 2400 PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION XPoint (wired & wireless) Wide area wired and wireless control for industrial facilities, parking structures and stairwells/corridors. Smart Breaker Panel The GR 2400 SmartBreaker Panel uses solenoid-operated thermal magnetic breakers. Combine overcurrent protection and lighting control in a single package. Mix controlled and conventional breakers in the same panelboard. GR 2400 Panel The GR 2400 system is a 100% digital solution to lighting control. Panels and switches daisy-chain together, using Cat.5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors in any sequence. FACTORY ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS Built-to-order relay and breaker assemblies are combined with control devices and building integration gateways for a customized, whole building solution. Fully engraved custom wall controls and switch banks available to solve demanding control scenarios. Engineers and contractors are supported by detailed design, submittal, and installation assistance. Benefits functionality Each rooms equipment comes prepackaged and preprogrammed, including necessary low voltage wiring. PRODUCT INFORMATION

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