Product Selection Guide Page 988 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

988 GR 2400 PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION LC&D's Wide Array of Solutions LC&Ds flagship system architecture puts it all together. The highly-scalable GR 2400 allows a wide variety of components and subsystems to be networked into large building and campus control solutions. Micro Panel The MicroPanel offers distributed switching and dimming, perfect for daylight harvesting and load shedding applications. With onboard photocell and occupancy sensor inputs, and available plenum and emergency barrier options, this is a highly versatile local area controller. Blue Box LT The Blue Box LT Series is a cost effective, simple alternative to traditional time clocks, twist timers and contactor packages. The Blue Box LT is ideal for small-to-medium projects, and arrives pre-assembled and ready for installation. xCella Wireless Room-based lighting, HVAC and plug control in an easy-to-install package. QUICK CONFIGURED SYSTEMS Quick Configured Systems are cost-effective, easily available, modular solutions. They require minimal design and specification. These systems offer flexible programming and product configurations to satisfy a wide range of project requirements. Benefits PRODUCT INFORMATION

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