Product Selection Guide Page 987 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

987 LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION Lighting Controls System Overview STRATEGIES THAT WORK LC&D offers practical control solutions for new construction and retrofit projects. Our innovative products utilize various strategies to improve performance including: Scheduling Occupancy Sensing Daylight Harvesting Task Tuning Occupant Controls Load Shedding HVAC Plug Load Control PC-Based Control 10%-40% 10%-30% 5%-15% 5%-25% 5%-15% Situational Potential cumulative savings from above strategies 40%-65% Turn off lights and setback HVAC in unoccupied areas. Share occupancy information with BMS or security systems. Seamlessly dim or switch artificial lighting in response to available daylight. Reduce eye strain and save additional energy by pre-setting light levels below 100% (full output). Intuitive controls allow adjustment of lighting or temperature to maximize occupant comfort and productivity. Minimize peak demand charges and reduce real time energy usage by automatically limiting various building electrical loads. Leverage lighting system scheduling, sensors, and wall stations to integrate HVAC control. Turn off plug loads based on time, occupancy or for load shedding. Remote control and monitoring of lighting and sensors simplifies building operations for facility managers and security staff. STRATEGY Automated control based on time of day, or relative to sunrise and sunset. Temporary timers and blink warnings ensure easy occupant override. DESCRIPTION SAVINGS PRODUCT INFORMATION

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