Product Selection Guide Page 986 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

986 LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM PSG11 LIGHTING CONTROL & DESIGN PRODUCT INFORMATION Lighting Controls System Overview DESIGN WITH CONFIDENCE each space to be controlled in an optimal manner, while still providing a single system with consistent and intuitive user interfaces. tailored drawing and design assistance at any stage of a project. drawings. INSTALL WITH EASE tested assemblies ensure error-free installation with minimal time and inconvenience. commission packaged rooms or entire factory engineered systems can save considerable labor and startup costs, compress the installation timeline, and reduce overall project risk. OPERATE WITH EFFICIENCY options allow a high degree of customization of light levels and sensor behavior based on time of day/day of week and location. provides centralized and remote control and monitoring of lighting and sensors. THE LC&D DIFFERENCE Our expertise is delivering reduced operational cost and enhanced occupant comfort within the bounds of building codes and sustainability initiatives. Scalable Switching & Dimming Systems Our networkable devices can be combined into a single configurable system to address any size project, thus eliminating complex choices about which level of system to use and allows for future expansion. Distributed Intelligence Each component contains local intelligence, which means that if one portion of the network is compromised, the rest of the system will continue to operate as designed. Factory Pre-Programming Available Systems are fully tested and may be programmed during manufacturing to provide out-of-the-box operation. Basic Programming Changes Included Our technical support staff can access your system remotely via modem or Ethernet to modify wall station programming and time schedules. Code Plus TM Compliance LC&D has an extensive working knowledge of various building and electrical codes, including: Seamless BMS and EMS Integration PRODUCT INFORMATION

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