Product Selection Guide Page 983 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 983 PSG11 Overview Named nWiFi for its ability to integrate directly with a buildings existing WiFi network infrastructure, this powerful new nLight technology further simplifies installation and reduces hardware costs. nWiFi adds conventional WiFi technology to nLight devices, such as relay packs and power supplies, enabling them to seamlessly communicate with both wired and wireless nLight lighting control zones. Utilizing standards based 802.11n wireless technology, nWiFi enabled devices communicate with each other via a network of WiFi access points and/or routers. nWiFi devices can also directly communicate to locally wired nLight devices through CAT-5e cables connected to their integrated RJ-45 ports. WiFi tablets, and laptops. Benefits Key Application - Wireless Backbone etc.) to connect wirelessly to the nLight Gateway and SensorView Software benefits while maintaining standalone reliability of CAT-5e wired zones data network nWIFI nLIGHT nWIFI SENSOR SWITCH WIRED ARCHITECTURE nWiFi ARCHITECTURE LAN to nLight Gateway & SensorView Software WiFi ACCESS POINT nBRG 8 to next nLIGHT Bridge to nLight Gateway & SensorView Software Series nPP16 WIFI nWIFI Power Pack nPS 80 WIFI nWIFI Power Supply ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: nPP16 WIFI nWIFI Power Pack (nPP16 WIFI) nLight Enabled power pack with integrated WiFi communications nWIFI Power Supply (nPS 80 WIFI) nLigh Enabled power supply with integrated WiFi communications nWiFi uplink device for a wired nLight zone ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit

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