Product Selection Guide Page 982 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 982 ENCLOSURES nLIGHT Overview A nIO is an nLight device that wires to non-nLight devices for input and/or output purposes. nIOs come in many different versions each with a specific interface function or intended application. Features nIO D or drivers (non-DALI) nIO 1S nIO RLX elsewhere in its zone between full bright and full dim nIO PC KIT device remote scene nIO X direct digital interface nIO Specialty I/O Devices nIO Devices SENSOR SWITCH Inline Wired Enclosure (6.45 cm x 5.03 cm x 2.54 cm) KO Option Enclosure (8.59 cm x 6.43 cm x 4.65 cm) WEIGHT: 2 oz COLOR: White ELECTRICAL SPECS BUS POWER CONSUMPTION:~3 mA DIMMING INPUT: (nIO 1S) 0-10 VDC DIMMING OUTPUT LOAD: (nIO D) Sinks < 20mA 0-10 VDC LED Drivers / Ballasts Series I/O feature Mounting nIO nLight I/O device D 0-10VDC dimming output 1S Contact closure/0-10VDC dimming input RLX Pillow switch input (blank) Inline wired KO Chase nipple mounting I/O UNITS Specifications subject to change. Example: nIO D KO Model # Description nIO PC KIT nIO NLI PS 150 nLIGHT Outdoor Photocell Interface Kit Low Voltage Normally low input interface device 120/277 VAC power supply for outdoor photocell OUTDOOR PHOTOCELL KIT Specifications subject to change. Example: nIO PC KIT Model # Description nIO X KIT nIO X CTRL RS232 ISO n10 X 485 nLIGHT RS-232 Touch Screen Interface KIT (includes Controller and RS-2323 Isolator) nLight RS-232 Interface Controller (replacement only) RS-232 Isolator (replacement only) nlight RS-485 Touch Screen Interface Controller (Isolator not required for RS-485 version) TOUCH SCREEN I/O KIT Specifications subject to change. Example: nIO X KIT INLINE WIRED ENCLOSURE KO OPTION ENCLOSURE

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