Product Selection Guide Page 981 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 981 PSG11 nLIGHT Indoor Photocell Sensors: Line Voltage SENSOR SWITCH Series Photocell/Dimming Temp/Humidity nCMR Ceiling mount with integrated relay nRMR Recessed mount with integrated relay nCMRB Fixture mount with integrated relay PC On/Offphotocell ADCX Photocell dimming control 1 ADC Photocell dimming (with integrated 0-10VDC output) (blank) Standard LT Low Temp/High Humidity LINE VOLTAGE Specifications subject to change. Example: nCMRB PC Notes 1 Only available with nCMR series. Notes 1 Load specifications are for fluorescent and incandescent loads only. See data sheet for LED specifications. SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL nCM/nCMB POWER CONSUMPTION: < 3 mA WIRES: None nCMR/nCMRB POWER CONSUMPTION: < 3 mA DIMMING LOAD: Sinks < 20mA; ~40 Ballasts/Drivers @.5mA each RELAY LOAD / POLE (1 PHASE ONLY) 1 : 800 W @ 120 VAC 1200 W @ 277 VAC 1500 W @ 347 VAC 1A @ 24 VAC/VDC MINIMUM LOAD: None MOTOR LOAD: 1/4 HP FREQUENCY: 50/60 Hz

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