Product Selection Guide Page 980 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 980 ENCLOSURES nLIGHT Overview Standalone on/offand dimming photocell sensors enable nLight to monitor daylight conditions in a zone, and then control the lighting so as to achieve energy savings while still ensuring adequate lighting levels are maintained. On/offphotocell sensors turn lights completely offwhen adequate daylight is present by switching relays within the sensor, power/relay pack, WallPod, or line voltage occupancy sensor. This level of control is sufficient for public spaces, such as vestibules, corridors, or restrooms. Dimming photocell sensors closely track daylight contribution and raise/lower the level of dimmable lighting accordingly. This level of smooth and continuous dimming is recommend for applications such as private offices and classrooms, where lighting level adjustments should not be noticed by occupants. Dimming photocell sensors are capable of controlling 0-10 VDC dimmable ballasts and drivers directly; however, typically they control nLight Enabled luminaires, remote nLight devices with 0-10 VDC dimming outputs (e.g., nIO D), or line voltage dimming outputs (e.g., nSP5 PCD 2W/3W). Features or analog adjustments required INDOOR PHOTOCELL SENSORS Indoor Photocell Sensors: Low Voltage SENSOR SWITCH CEILING MOUNT SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING 3.5" octagon box, or single gang handy box COLOR White FIXTURE MOUNT BOX SIZE (9.22 cm x 9.22 cm x 3.81 cm) WEIGHT 6 oz COLOR White RECESSED MOUNT SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz junction box COLOR White Series Photocell/Dimming Temp/Humidity nCM Ceiling mount nRM Recessed mount nCMB Fixture mount PC On/Offphotocell ADCX Photocell dimming control 1 ADC Photocell dimming (with integrated 0-10VDC output) (blank) Standard LT Low Temp/High Humidity LOW VOLTAGE Specifications subject to change. Example: nCM ADCX Notes 1 Only available on nCM enclosure.

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