Product Selection Guide Page 972 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 972 ENCLOSURES nLIGHT Overview The nLight nWSX wall switch occupancy sensor family provides simple control solutions for small rooms. Capable of detecting small motion up to 20 ft (6.10 m), an nWSX sensor is perfect for private offices, private rest rooms, copy rooms, closets or any small enclosed space. nWSX sensors all utilize Passive Infrared (PIR) detection technology, and have PIR/Microphonics Dual Technology (PDT) detection available as an option. The low voltage versions of the nWSX are perfect for applications that utilize nLight Enabled luminaires or remote nLight power/ relay packs. Features luminaires includes wall plate adjustable time delays and operating modes (or greater) configurations w/o traveler wires applications WALL SWITCH SENSORS COVERAGE PATTERN Wall Switch Sensors SENSOR SWITCH advanced filtering is utilized to prevent non-occupant noises from keeping the lights on 36 30 20 10 0 ft 10 20 12 9 6 3 0 m 3 6 Small motion detection Small motion detection to ~20 ft 6 3 0 m 20 10 0 ft Small motion ~40 ft coverage 1.2 m 4 ft Small motion detection to ~20 ft Large motion detection to >36 ft 0 18 27 36 9 ft 0 6 9 12 3 m nWSX nWSX LV nWSX PDT nWSX PDT LV nWSX LV NL nWSX PDT LV NL nWSX LV DX nWSX PDT LV DX SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW SIZE 2.74" H x 1.68" W x 1.63" D (6.96 cm x 4.27 cm x 4.14 cm) (not including ground strap) WEIGHT 5 oz SILICONE FREE ROHS COMPLIANT ASSEMBLED in USA

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