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PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 970 nLIGHT Overview WallPods are nLight wall devices that provide a user with local push-button control of an nLight control zone. These single gang devices have soft-click buttons each with a green LED indicator. There are two styles of WallPods that vary in the level of control they are able to provide. On/Off/Raise/Lower WallPods These basic WallPods are used for switching and raise/lower adjustment of remote relay / dimming packs or nLight Enabled luminaires. Versions with optional integrated line voltage relays and/or 0-10 VDC dimming outputs are also available. Scene Selector WallPods These more advanced WallPods provide a convenient method of selecting a custom lighting control scene for the room in which it is installed. Scenes define the zones sequence of operation (e.g. manual on vs auto on, time delay, and photocell set-points). Devices are available that provide one, two, and four scene control. By default, the buttons of scene controllers are configured as simple on/offtoggle switches. Scene selectors can also signal an nLight Gateway to run scenes simultaneously across many zones. Features WALLPODS WallPods SENSOR SWITCH ENCLOSURES SIZE 2.74" H x 1.68" W x 1.63" D (6.96 cm x 4.27 cm x 4.14 cm) WEIGHT 2 oz MOUNTING Single gang switch box or low voltage ring Series Channels Control Type Color Temp/Humidity nPODM (blank) Single Channel 2P Two Channels 4P Four Channels (blank) On/OffControl DX On/Off+ Raise/Lower Control D On/Off+ Raise/Lower Control with Dimming Output 1 WH White IV Ivory AL Light Almond GY Gray BK Black RD Red (blank) Standard LT Low Temp/High Humidity LOW VOLTAGE Specifications subject to change. Example: nPODM 2P DX WH Notes 1 Not available with 2P or 4P versions. nPODM nPODM DX nPODM D nPODM 2P nPODM 2P DX nPODM 4P nPODM 4P DX DEFAULT LABELING TITLE 24 SYSTEM COMPONENT ASSEMBLED in U.S.A. 5-YEAR WARRANTY PRODUCT INFORMATION WallPods: On/Off/Raise/Lower (Low Voltage)

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