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PRODUCT INFORMATION 97 PSG11 Intended Use The 2ES8R/2ES8RT Relight assembly is designed to convert most existing parabolic and many lensed troffers into energy saving, highly efficient T8 open louvered solutions. Relight kits install quickly and easily from below to provide the appearance and performance of a new T8 light fixture without removing the existing host fixture from the ceiling. Features Soft finish high-reflectance white louvers maximize ef- ficiency while reducing ceiling contrast Rugged steel construction provides durability, economy, and sustainability Pre-wired electrical assemblies install quickly and easily and optimize lamp to louver distance Reflector panels provide high reflectivity for optimum efficiency and uniformity with T8 lamps 2ES8RT models have lower profile end brackets to fit most older lensed troffers Standard ballasts are CEE certified to qualify for utility rebate requirements White finish is standard on all mounting brackets Listings UL / cUL Classified for retrofit of existing host fluorescent fixtures. Installation does not impact existing fixture UL listing. NYC approved (#49192). 2ES8R/2ES8RT Relight T8 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 2ES8R has one-piece end brackets designed only for parabolics. 2ES8RT will fit most older lensed troffers (consult dimensional requirements). All 2ES8R / 2ES8RT brackets are painted white. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: 2ES8RT 232 BINP JP18 Series Lamp type Voltage Ballast Options 2ES8R 1 Recessed high - efficiency louvered relight - T8 2ES8RT 1 Recessed high - efficiency louvered relight - T8 R = one-piece end brackets - parabolics only 1 RT = two-piece end brackets - most deep troffers (min 3-7/8D) 232 2-lamp, 32W T8 (2x4) 217 2-lamp, 17W T8 (2x2) 2U31 2-lamp, 31W T8U (1-5/8") (2x2) (blank) MVOLT (120-277V) 347 347V BINP IS, high efficiency, .88 bf (normal) BILP IS, high efficiency, .78 bf (low) BIHP IS, high efficiency, 1.20 bf (high) BPNP PRS, high efficiency, .88 bf (normal) BSNP PRS, step dimming, high efficiency, .87/.34 bf (normal) Other ballasts and ballast factors available JP18 Job pack pallet - 18 kits (2x4 config) JP24 Job pack pallet - 24 kits (2x2 config) RELIGHT/RETROFIT Relight LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR 2ES8R

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