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PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 968 nLIGHT Overview The nLight nPANEL is targeted at rooms that require multiple relays to be collocated in a more traditional cabinet enclosure. The nPANEL 4 version has four relays and can switch up to four 120/277/347 VAC loads, while the nPANEL 2 480 version has two dual phase relays and can switch two 208/240/ 480 VAC loads. Further, as a standard feature, each nPANEL pairs a 0-10 VDC dimming output with each relay. The nPANEL can also be used to control emergency lighting by detecting when line voltage has been lost to the unit's transformer. When loss is detected, the nPANEL's relays will close and dimming outputs will release to full bright. If switching both primary and emergency circuits within the same cabinet is required, versions with pre-installed emergency barriers are available. RELAY PANELS Relay Panels SENSOR SWITCH Series Emergency Barrier Position 1 nPANEL 4 nPANEL 2 480 (blank) None 1EBB Emergency Barrier Position B 1EBC Emergency Barrier Position C 1EBD Emergency Barrier Position D ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: nPANEL 4 1EBB SPECIFICATIONS ELECTRICAL PHYSICAL OPERATING VOLTAGE: 120/277 VAC RELAY TYPE: Normally Closed Latching RELAY LOAD: nPANEL 4 30A @ 277 VAC Ballast 20A @ 120 VAC Tungsten 20A @ 347 VAC Ballast 1.5HP@ 120 VAC Motor Load 3HP @ 277 VAC Motor Load nPANEL 2 480 20A @ 480 VAC Ballast 1HP @ 208/240 VAC Motor Load 2 HP @ 480 VAC Motor Load SCCR: 18kA @ 277VAC 5000A @ 480 VAC (implied) OPERATIONS: Rated for 250,000 Cycles @ 30A DIMMING LOAD: Sinks < 20 mA / output; ~40 Ballasts/Drivers @ .5 mA each AUXILIARY POWER OUPUT (nPANEL 4 ONLY): 200mA @ 28 VDC SIZE: 8.375"W x 8.375 H x3.125" D (21.27 cm x 21.27 cm x 7.94 com) WEIGHT: 6.0 lbs ENCLOSURE TYPE: NEMA 1 MOUNTING: Surface Mount, Screw Over Door COLOR: White RELAY TERMINAL SIZE: 2 # 8 AWG Wires Per Lug ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit C US LISTED TITLE 24 SYSTEM COMPONENT ASSEMBLED in U.S.A. 5-YEAR WARRANTY Notes 1 See data sheet for diagrams on emergency barrier position references. KEY SPECS SERIES # OF RELAYS # OF DIMMING OUTPUTS (0-10V DV) LOAD VOLTAGE nPANEL 4 4 120/277 VAC nPANEL 2 480 2 208/240/480 VAC

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