Product Selection Guide Page 966 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

Notes 1 Not available on device with dimming option. Series Dimming Operating Mode Current Monitoring 1 Voltage Temp/Humidity nPP16 (blank) None D 0-10 VDC ER UL 924 (blank) None IM Current Monitoring (blank) 120/277 VAC 347 347 VAC (blank) Standard LT Low Temp/High Humidity Series Dimming Current Monitoring 1 Default Mode Voltage Temp/Humidity nPP16 (blank) None D 0-10 VDC (blank) None IM Current Monitoring (blank) Auto on, Switch Ch. 1 SA Manual On, Switch Ch. 1 (blank) 120/277 VAC 347 347 VAC (blank) Standard LT Low Temp/High Humidity PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 966 nLIGHT Overview Power packs are the workhorse of any nLight system, as they both switch lighting loads and provide bus power to other nLight devices. Secondary relay packs provide additional relays, phase dimming, or specialty switching functionality, however do not power offthe line voltage they switch. Conversely, power supplies provide network power like a power pack; however do not contain relays or dimming outputs to control lighting. Features and LED lighting loads RELAY PACKS Power/Relay Packs SENSOR SWITCH C US LISTED TITLE 24 SYSTEM COMPONENT ASSEMBLED in U.S.A. 5-YEAR WARRANTY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit STANDARD POWER/RELAY PACK Example: nPP16 IM LT Specifications subject to change. EMERGENCY PACKS Example: nPP16 D ER Specifications subject to change. UL 924 Emergency Relay Pack (nPP16 ER) SPECIFICATIONS PHYSICAL ELECTRICAL Size: Weight: 6 oz Plenum Rated Operating Voltage: 120/277 VAC or 347 VAC Relay Type: Latching Relay Load: 16 Amps (Ballast); 16 Amps (General purpose receptacles) Dimming Load: Sinks <100mA

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