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965 PSG11 nLIGHT SENSOR SWITCH Series Voltage 1 Temp/Humidity Power Supply Kit nBRG 8 (blank) 347 120/277 VAC 347 VAC (blank) LT Standard Low Temp/High Humidity (blank) KIT Unit Only Kit w/ Power Supply PRODUCT INFORMATION Overview The nLight Bridge conveniently connects lighting control zones to an nLight network backbone. Bridges act as hubs by aggregating communication traffic from these connected zones and placing it onto the backbone. They also act as routers by forwarding information from the backbone out to the applicable zones. Physically, an nLight Bridge has eight RJ-45 ports through which connections are made to any combination of downstream zones, other Bridges, or an upstream Gateway. The Bridge is junction box. Finally, Bridges can provide either primary or backup low voltage power to lighting control zones. Besides sourcing power from its own power supply, Bridges are capable of redistributing system power from zones that are net contributors of power (e.g., those with downstream power packs) to zones that are net consumers of power (e.g., those with only sensors). This patent pending powering method provides nLight added design flexibility and fault tolerance when compared with other systems. Features BRIDGE Bridge OPTION INFORMATION 347 VAC (347) (standard is 120/277VAC) Low Temp/High Humidity (LT) Power Supply Kit (KIT) contribution to downstream bus power) An nLight network backbone consists of one or more Bridges and a Gateway communicating over CAT-5e wired connections. The architecture can be topology-free, however wide branching networks are recommended over linear runs. Any one or more RJ-45 ports on a Bridge may be used to connect to other Bridge or Gateway devices. ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: nBRG 8 KIT Network Configuration PLENUM RATED ASSEMBLED in U.S.A. 5-YEAR WARRANTY C US LISTED SPECIFICATIONS PHYSICAL ELECTRICAL ENVIRNOMENTAL SIZE: 4.90" H x 4.90" W x 1.05" D (12.45 cm x 12.54 cm x 2.67 cm) INPUT VOLTAGE: 12-24 VAC/VDC OPERATING TEMP: 14 to 160F (-10 to 71C) WEIGHT: 7 oz CURRENT DRAW: 60 mA RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 20 to 90% non-condensing BUS POWER CONTRIBUTION: ~90 mA total (if powered via PS-150) ROHS COMPLIANT COLOR: White MAX INPUT CURRENT/PORT: 40 mA (e.g. from a connected nPP16) SILICONE FREE nLIGHT NETWORK PORTS: 8 RJ-45 MAX OUTPUT CURRENT/PORT: 40 mA WIRES: None RECOMMENDED POWER SUPPLY: PS 150 via terminal connections (or PS 150 347) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Notes 1 Requires KIT option.

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