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Model Number nGWY2 KIT Gateway kit (120/277 VAC) - max 1500 devices nGWY2 347 KIT Gateway kit (347 VAC) - max 1500 devices nGWY2 L400 KIT Gateway kit (120/277 VAC) - max 400 devices nGWY2 L400 347 KIT Gateway kit (347 VAC) - max 400 devices Kit Component Model #s nGWY2 CTRL Control unit - max 1500 devices nGWY2 CTRL L400 Control unit - max 400 devices nGWY2 GFX Gateway touch screen PS 250 (or two PS 150 347) Power supply 120/277 VAC (or 347 VAC) PSG11 964 nLIGHT SENSOR SWITCH Overview The nLight Gateway (nGWY2) provides time-based control of an nLight network as well as acts as the Ethernet interface for SensorView software. Consisting of a control unit and touch screen wall station, the nGWY2 enables enhanced nLight architectures to be utilized. Control Functionality All lighting control profiles created in the SensorView software are stored within the Gateway. Utilizing its onboard time clock, the Gateway sends out the settings specified in the profiles to the appropriate downstream devices according to the user defined schedule. Lighting control profiles can also be selected and run on-demand via the Gateways touch screen. Network Access Functionality In the nLight network architecture, the Gateway is part of the wired backbone (along with Bridges) that interconnects all lighting zones. Through the Gateway, information running over this backbone is linked to the Ethernet network where the SensorView host server resides. The Gateway connects into the backbone using a CAT-5e wired connection to a Bridge or via TCP/IP with wireless nWIFI devices (consult factory). Features (max 1500 or 400 depending on version) GATEWAY PRODUCT INFORMATION Gateway ORDERING INFORMATION Example: nGWY2 L400 KIT SPECIFICATIONS PHYSICAL / ELECTRICAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL UNIT TOUCH SCREEN POWER SUPPLY SIZE: 4.90" H x 4.90" W x 1.05" D (12.45 cm x 12.54 cm x 2.67 cm) SIZE: 5.06" H x 3.50" W x 0.69" D (12.85 cm x 8.89 cm x 1.75 cm) SIZE: (not including chase nipple) 3.00" H x 2.25" W x 1.88" D (7.62 cm x 5.72 cm x 4.78 cm) OPERATING TEMP: 14 to 160F (-10 to 71C) MOUNTING: Single-Gang Low Voltage Switch Box or Ring MOUNTING: 1/2" knockout RELATIVE HUMIDITY: 20 to 90% non-condensing PORTS: 2 nLight bus ports (RJ-45) MOUNTING HEIGHT (recommended): 60 in (152 cm) OPERATING VOLTAGE: ROHS COMPLIANT 1 touch screen interface port (RJ-45) PORTS: 2 nLight bus ports (RJ-45) PS 250: 120-277 VAC SILICONE FREE 1 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet INPUT CURRENT/VOLTAGE: 60 mA @ 15-28 VDC PS 150 347: 347 VAC ASSEMBLED IN U.S.A. 2 power terminal inputs WIRES: None OPERATING POWER: 5-YEAR WARRANTY INPUT CURRENT/VOLTAGE: 160 mA @ 15-28 VDC 166 mA@ 24VDC (PS 250) WIRES: None 250mA@ 15VDC (PS250) (note 150mA@15 VDC for dual PS150 347 configuration) WIRES: 18 AWG (2) & 20 AWG (2) Specifications subject to change. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit

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