Product Selection Guide Page 963 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION 963 PSG11 nLIGHT SENSOR SWITCH In addition to SensorView's standard features, several plug-ins can be added to SensorView in order to expand its functionalityeven further. BACnet The BACnet software plug-in enables SensorView to act as a BACnet IP "gateway" between an nLight network and a BMS system. VIRTUAL WALLPODS With this plug-in, users can control their lighting from their desktop or smart handheld device. Designed to look like WallPods, these taskbar applications are an excellent alternative to remote controls, which are often lost and require battery replacement. Simple user permissions provide facility managers necessary administrative control. GREEN SCREEN This SensorView module logs and analyzes systems and building performance. A "Savings Scorecard" calculates energy savings in kWH or dollars. Detailed graphs show performance over user selected time scales. This data can be used to monitor space and lighting usage, optimize time delays, and better utilize available daylight. Data is also provided to the user in downloadable reports. SENSORVIEW PLUG-INS nLight Sensorview Software

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