Product Selection Guide Page 960 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

nLIGHT INTRODUCTION 960 nLIGHT SENSOR SWITCH NETWORK LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM nLight Control System WHAT IS nLIGHT? nLight is a networked digital lighting control system that providesboth energy savings & increased user configurability by cost effectively integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, & manual lighting controlschemes. Ideal for office buildings, schools, hospitals, universities and warehouses; nLight systems meet or exceed energy savings performance mandated by energy codes while enhancing the building environment for occupants. HOW nLIGHT WORKS? nLight networks together intelligent digital devices, including occupancy sensors, photocells, power/relay packs, wall switches, dimmers, panels, and codes. BENEFITS OF nLIGHT FEATURES OF nLIGHT Flexible Architecture building or campus Addressable Advanced Energy Savings reports energy savings

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