Product Selection Guide Page 96 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

96 Notes 1 Actual wattage may differ +/-5% when operating between 120-277V +/-10%. PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 Series Lumens Voltage Wattage 1 Controls Options 2BZL4R 2x4, black brackets 2BZL4RT 2x4, white brackets 2BZL4RSP 2x4 for 2SP8/2ES8/2ES8P 2BZL2R 2x2, black brackets 2BZL2RT 2x2, white brackets 2BZL2RSP 2x2 for 2SP8/2ES8/2ES8P 40L 4000 delivered lumens 48L 4800 delivered lumens 24L 2400 delivered lumens 34L 3400 delivered lumens (blank) MVOLT (120-277V) (blank) 42W (blank) 49W (blank) 25W (blank) 36W LP835 82 CRI, 3500K LP840 82 CRI, 4000K (blank) Dimming driver, no nLight controls N80 nLight with 80% lumen management (lumen optimizer) N100 nLight with no lumen management BLD Bi-Level dimming ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: 2BZL2RT 24L LP835 Intended Use The Breez Relight converts most recessed parabolic and older lensed troffer fixtures quickly and easily to the same appear- ance and performance of the revolutionary Breez LED ambient lighting solution. Superior indirect lighting with fresh, unique architectural aesthetics is delivered through a high-efficacy LED system. Features balanced indirect lighting into the space quiet ceiling allows quick, simple installation Lithonia 2SP8/2ES8/2ES8P fixtures at 50,000 hours standard bi-level switching capabilities are available (always check dimensional specifications) Listings UL / cUL Classified for retrofit of existing host fluorescent fixtures. Installation does not impact existing fixture UL listing. 2BZL4R/2BZL2R Relight LED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit 2BZL4RT RELIGHT/RETROFIT Relight LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR TM

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