Product Selection Guide Page 956 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 956 POWER PACKS & SECONDARY PACKS SENSOR SWITCH Overview Power packs are the heart of the low voltage sensor system. A power pack may transform Class I high voltage (120-277 VAC or 347 VAC) to Class II 15 VDC for powering remote sensors. A power pack also switches the lighting load on and offusing its internal relay. Class II wire leads connect to 18 AWG or smaller low voltage cable running to the sensors, making installation easy and clean. Power packs also have an elongated mounting nipple that allows them to be mounted either directly through a inch knockout into a junction box, or inside an adjacent box for meeting specific local code requirements in ceiling plenums. There are several different types of power packs, each with a unique combination of features. The most versatile power pack is the PP20 , which utilizes a patented relay contact protection and can power up to 14 sensors. Multi-circuit control can be handled by multiple PP20 s, 2-pole power packs ( PP20 2P ), or combination power pack and secondary pack ( SP20 ) configurations. POWER PACKS & Secondary Packs ENCLOSURES 347 347 VAC and/or switch 347 VAC LT Low Temp/High Humidity corrosion resistance OPTION INFORMATION POWERING CAPACITY A power packs transformer can supply up to 150 mA of power @15 VDC. Each relay requires 40 mA during the On state. Low voltage remote sensors typically require 3 mA when detecting occupants, and 0.15 mA when in standby. Therefore, each transformer can handle up to 3 relays (including the relay(s) inside the power pack). For example, one PP20 can power its relay (40 mA) and 110 mA of external devices. Because of the ultra low current design of the sensors, up to 14 or more sensors can be connected to a single power pack. If multiple power packs are used together, an additional 110 mA is available. SINGLE POLE UNITS SIZE W: 2.25" (5.72 cm) D: 1.88" (4.78 cm) WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING .5" knockout COLOR Black Plenum Rated 2-POLE UNITS SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING .5" knockout COLOR Black Plenum Rated POWER SPECS SERIES SENSORS SENSORS w/ R OPTION [1] PP20 (or MP20) 14 8 [1] PP20 2P 7 6 [1] PP20 w/SP20 (or MP20 w/ MSP20) 7 6 [1] PP20 2P w/ SP20 5 Note 1: The "R" option for sensors adds an isolated low voltage auxiliary relay. Only one sensor with this option is typically needed per room. Note: Table information reflects usage with 120/277 or 347 VAC power. Power Packs & Secondary Packs SECONDARY PACK vs POWER PACK A secondary pack (also called an auxiliary relay) contains the same switching relay as a normal power pack, though it does not contain the transformer. Secondary packs can be used in applications where power is supplied from another power pack. Secondary packs are available with ( SP20 version) and without ( MSP20 version) relay contact protection. A power supply contains the same transformer as a power pack, though it does not contain a relay. Power supplies are ideal for supplying power to devices, such as the CM ADC , which does not need to switch line voltage.

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