Product Selection Guide Page 952 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 952 OCCUPANCY SENSORS Overview On/offphotocell and dimming sensors provide intelligent control of lighting for indoor daylight applications. Ideal for spaces with windows, such as vestibules, corridors, classrooms or offices, the sensors work by monitoring daylight conditions in a room, then controlling the lighting to ensure that adequate lighting levels are maintained. Low voltage sensors are powered with 12-24 VAC/VDC. On/offphotocell sensors operate with a power pack (Model # PP20), enabling complete 20 Amp circuits to be controlled. Dimming photocell sensors are capable of controlling any 0-10 VDC dimmable ballast or driver. Line voltage versions are also available that integrate a line switching relay and/or power offthe line. Features INDOOR DAYLIGHT CONTROLS Switching and Dimming Sensors SENSOR SWITCH ENCLOSURES DZ Dual Zone control an additional zone of lighting Stepped Dimming (Duo) Operation (PC Only) outboard) switching applications combination of the two poles in order to maintain adequate lighting Percentage Offset Operation individually controlled parallel rows of lights PC sensors use a relative set-point for the second pole that is a percentage of the first poles set-point ADC sensors enable control of an additional 0-10 VDC dimmable ballast or driver at a selected level (voltage) higher than that of the primary zone 347 347 VAC and switch 347 VAC LT Low Temp/High Humidity corrosion resistance CEILING MOUNT SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING 3.5" octagon box, or single gang handy box COLOR White FIXTURE MOUNT SIZE (9.22 cm x 9.22 cm x 3.81 cm) WEIGHT 6 oz COLOR White RECESSED MOUNT SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING 4" x 4" square junction box with or without two-gang mudring; directly to ceiling tile through 2.65" (6.7cm) square opening COLOR White OPTION INFORMATION SOLUTION TYPES PC ) Automatic on/offswitching ADC ) Automatic dimming control PC ADC ) Combination on/offand dimming control LIGHTS OFF LIGHTS FULL DIM LIGHTS FULL ON AMPLE DAYLIGHT NO DAYLIGHT SET-POINT ADC DIMMING RANGE AMPLE DAYLIGHT NO DAYLIGHT DEADBAND SET-POINT PC AMPLE DAYLIGHT NO DAYLIGHT DIMMING RANGE SET-POINT PC/ADC Indoor Daylight Controls

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