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PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 950 OCCUPANCY SENSORS Overview Designed for mounting heights of up to 45 ft (13.72 m), high bay 360 occupancy sensors have a 15-20 ft (4.57-6.10 m) radial coverage pattern that overlaps the area lit by a typical high bay fixture. Applications include warehouses and gymnasiums. High bay aisleway sensors provide bi-directional coverage extending 70-110 ft (21.33-33.53 m) when mounted at heights of 30-45 ft (9.14-13.72 m). The sensor's view pattern covers the area lit by three typically spaced high bay fixtures. Therefore, when mounted at a fixture, the coverage area extends out to the area that is lit by the neighboring fixtures. This effect is useful because some ballasts have a delay after they receive power. These aisleway sensors ensure that even when traveling in a forklift truck, lights will still come on in time. High bay end-of-aisle sensors view up to 110 linear ft (33.53 m) of aisleway space when mounted between 30-45 ft (9.14- 13.72 m). These sensors are perfect for detecting occupants walking or riding in forklift trucks and typically are used in pairs to control an entire aisle of lighting together. For aisles longer than 110 ft (33.53 m), use end-of-aisle sensors on either end and high bay aisleway or 360 sensors to cover the inner portions. Individual fixture control is best handled by line voltage sensors, while multiple fixture control is best handled by one or more low voltage sensors and a power pack. These sensors are ideal for on/offcontrol of T5/T8 fluorescent lighting. LSXR Series sensors are recommended for LED lighting. HID bi-level fixtures can be controlled with a low voltage sensor and a PP20 SH power pack. 2-pole high bay sensors are also available, as are units designed for switching 208 and 480 VAC lighting. Features [All] Features [Line voltage] HIGH BAY Fixture Mount Sensors with Single Lens (360, Aisleway, or End-of-Aisle) SENSOR SWITCH ENCLOSURES COVERAGE PATTERN R Low Voltage Relay (e.g. BMS, lighting panels) (resistive loads only) ADC Occupancy Controlled Dimming ballasts/driver the lights to go to a dim setting before turning off P Photocell of occupancy with adequate daylight daylight is available, but does not turn lights off 347 347 Voltage LT Low Temp/High Humidity FIXTURE MOUNT BOX W/HIGH BAY 360 LENS SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING .5" knockout COLOR White FIXTURE MOUNT BOX W/ HIGH BAY END-OF-AISLE LENS SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz COLOR White High Bay 360 13.72 m) mounting heights age overlaps area lit by a typical high bay fixture (e.g. walking) up to a 35 ft (10.76 m) mounting height motion (e.g. forklifts) up to a 45 ft (13.72 m) mounting height OPTION INFORMATION High Bay Aisleway ideal for warehouse racking detection range in either direction 50 ft (15.24 m) in either direction masked 360 lens High Bay End-of-Aisle 110 ft (33.53 m) long (3.05 m) back from end-of-aisle each other from either end of an aisle FIXTURE MOUNT BOX W/ HIGH BAY AISLEWAY LENS SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING .5" knockout COLOR White High Bay Sensors For diagrams of coverage patterns, see data sheets at

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