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**For options and detailed information on wiring and sequence of operation visit PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 948 OCCUPANCY SENSORS SENSOR SWITCH Overview The LSXR Family of fixture mount occupancy sensors provides reliable and versatile solutions for commercial and industrial lighting control applications. All LSXR Family sensors utilize passive infrared (PIR) detection and feature interchangeable lenses, providing flexibility for multiple mounting height and coverage pattern requirements. All LSXR Family sensors utilize 100% digital Passive Infrared (PIR) detection and power from / switch line voltage. Available options include dual relays, HVOLT powering, and an integrated switching / dimming photocell. Features low mount 360 (10 lens), high mount aisleway (50 Lens) , and small motion 360 (9 Lens) chase nipple no bracket accessory required immunity protection from the harsh switching requirements of T5 fluorescent and LED loads adjustments LSXR FAMILY Fixture Mount Sensor with Interchangeable Lenses AVAILABLE LENSES ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit with High/Low Occupancy Operation (ANL) SPECIFICATIONS PHYSICAL ELECTRICAL ENVIRONMENTAL SIZE (w/ Mounting Flange): 3.75" H x 2.50" W x 4.00" D (9.5 cm x 6.4 cm x 10.2 cm) WEIGHT: 6 oz MOUNTING: 1/2 knockout (7/8" hole) on fixture MINIMUM LOAD: None COLOR: White FREQUENCY: 50/60 Hz SILICONE FREE ROHS COMPLIANT MAXIMUM LOAD/POLE (RELAY): 800 W @ 120 VAC 1000 W @ 208 VAC 1200 W @ 240/277 VAC 1500 W @ 347 VAC 2160 W @ 480 VAC MINIMUM LOAD: None MOTOR LOAD: 1/4 Hp FREQUENCY: 50/60 Hz DIMMING LOAD: Sinks < 20 mA (~ 40 LED driver/ballast @ 0.5 per) 0-10VDC dimmable ballasts or LED drivers only OPERATING TEMP: Standard: 14 to 122F (-10 to 50C) LT Option: -40 to 122F (-40 to 50C) RELATIVE HUMIDITY: Standard: 20 to 75% non-condensing LT Option: 20 to 90% non-condensing (electronics coated for corrosion resistance) High Mount 360 #6 Low Mount 360 #10 Small Motion 360 #9 High Mount Aisleway #50 C US LISTED TITLE 20/24 ASSEMBLED in U.S.A. 5-YEAR WARRANTY LSXR Fixture Mount Sensor For diagrams of coverage patterns, see data sheets at

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