Product Selection Guide Page 942 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

TOP VIEW 12 6 0 ft 6 12 3.7 1.6 0 m 1.6 3.7 12 6 0 ft 6 12 3.7 1.8 0 m 1.8 3.7 PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 942 ENCLOSURES OCCUPANCY SENSORS Overview Small Motion/Standard Range 360 occupancy sensors offer excellent performance and sensitivity to small motions (e.g. hand movements). Available in low voltage and line voltage models, these sensors are capable of covering an entire private office or small room by themselves. Multiple low voltage sensors can also work together to supply the ideal solution for oddly shaped rooms or large open office areas. A line voltage sensor provides one relay for a single-level control, while the 2-pole version provides a second relay for an additional level of control. For rooms with obstructions, these sensors are also offered with dual technology, which adds Microphonics detection to the Passive Infrared (PIR) detection. For longer range detection of walking type motions, see the section on Large Motion 360 sensors. Features (All) Features (Line voltage) SMALL MOTION 360 Sensors COVERAGE PATTERN SENSOR SWITCH R Low Voltage Relay systems (e.g. BMS, lighting panels) 1 amp, 30 volt relay (resistive loads only) P Photocell during periods of occupancy with adequate daylight if adequate daylight is available, but does not turn lights off ADC Automatic Dimming Control Photocell light level by controlling levels of 0-10 VDC dimmable ballasts/drivers periods of occupancy that enables lights to go a dim setting before turning off LT Low Temp/High Humidity resistance for PDT) DZ Dual Zone Photocell offcombination of poles in inboard/outboard applications point for second pole in dual zone applications D Occupancy Controlled Dimming dimmable ballasts/drivers that enables lights to go to a dim setting before turning off 347 347 Voltage 347 VAC CEILING MOUNT SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING 3.5" octagon box, or single gang handy box COLOR White FIXTURE MOUNT BOX SIZE (9.22 cm x 9.22 cm x 3.81 cm) WEIGHT 6 oz COLOR White RECESSED MOUNT SIZE WEIGHT 6 oz MOUNTING 4 x 4 square junction box with or without two-gang mudring; directly to ceiling tile through 2.65 (6.7 cm) square opening COLOR White Small Motion 360 Lens 2 standard 9 ft (2.74 m) ceiling (3.05 to 6.10 m) radial coverage the complete PIR coverage area; advanced filtering is also utilized to prevent non-occupant noises from keeping the lights on OPTION INFORMATION SIDE VIEW 0 ft 9 0 m 2.7 SIDEVI Small Motion 360 Sensor

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