Product Selection Guide Page 934 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PRODUCT INFORMATION PSG11 934 WALL SWITCH CONTROLS SENSOR SWITCH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Overview The WSX Family of wall switch occupancy sensors provides simple and cost effective solutions for commercial and residential lighting control applications. All WSX Family sensors have a stylish low profile appearance, soft-click buttons, and provide small motion detection up to 20 ft (6.10 m), making them perfect for private offices, private rest rooms, closets, copy rooms, or any other small enclosed space. Additionally, all WSX Family sensors have a patent pending wiring method that enables them to function either with or without a neutral connection. WSX units come pre-configured for wiring without a neutral; however, if connection to neutral is required by code, contractors can convert the unit in seconds. All WSX Family sensors utilize 100% digital Passive Infrared (PIR) detection. Dual Technology (PDT option) versions add Microphonics detection and are recommended for offices and rooms with obstructions. Additional versions include units with dual relays - perfect for bi-level applications, and units with an integrated night light - perfect for restrooms and residential applications. Features (patented) other building systems connection (patent pending) no current leakage to ground when connected to neutral to wire backwards (patented) incandescents adjustable time delays & operating modes WSX FAMILY Wall Switch Sensor WSX Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors (6.10 m), ~625 sq ft (10.97 m), ~2025 sq ft overlapping detection of human activity over the complete PIR coverage area; advanced filtering is utilized to prevent non-occupant noises from keeping the lights on OPTION INFORMATION 347 347 Voltage LT Low Temp/High Humidity 2P Dual Relay Pole 2 to Vacancy poles push-button lights on Pole 1 and 120 VAC fan on Pole 2 NL Night Light COVERAGE PATTERN 36 30 20 10 0 ft 10 20 12 9 6 3 0 m 3 6 Small motion detection Small motion detection to ~20 ft 6 3 0 m 20 10 0 ft Small motion ~40 ft coverage Step 1: Remove Yellow Labe l Step 2: Loosen Screws and Remove Metal Link Step 3: Connect Neutral to Silver Screw and Ground to Green Screw Conversion from Ground Only (No Neutral) to Neutral Wiring Wall Switch Sensors SPECIFICATIONS PHYSICAL ELECTRICAL ENVIRONMENTAL SIZE: 2.74" H x 1.68" W x 1.63" D (6.96 cm x 4.27 cm x 4.14 cm) (not including ground strap) WEIGHT: 5 oz MOUNTING: Single gang switch box SILICONE FREE ROHS COMPLIANT MAXIMUM LOAD/POLE (RELAY): 800 W @ 120 VAC 1200 W @ 277 VAC 1500 W @ 347 VAC MINIMUM LOAD: None MOTOR LOAD: 1/4 Hp FREQUENCY: 50/60 Hz OPERATING TEMP: Standard: 14 to 122F (-10 to 50C) LT Option (PIR): -40 to 122F (-40 to 50C) LT Option (PDT): -4 to 122F (-20 to 50C) RELATIVE HUMIDITY: Standard: 20 to 75% non-condensing LT Option: 20 to 90% non-condensing (electronics coated for corrosion resistance) For additional product information, visit SIDE VIEW TOP VIEW 1.2 m 4 ft Small motion detection to ~20 ft Large motion detection to >36 ft 0 18 27 36 9 ft 0 6 9 12 3 m

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