Product Selection Guide Page 921 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

921 PSG11 AREA & WALL MOUNTED PRODUCT INFORMATION Canopy & Parking Garage HYDREL Example: 4760 2/54T5HO MVOLT VCNP CM LPI DWH Specifications subject to change. Series Lamp type Voltage Distribution Mounting 4760 2/28T5 Two T5, miniature bi-pin 2/54T5HO Two T5HO, miniature bi-pin MVOLT 120 1 277 1 347 VCNP Volumetric canopy CNP Canopy GRG Garage CM Ceiling mount 2 CMDE Ceiling mount direct entry 2,3 PDMD_ Pendant mount damp location; specify length 6-48 in 6" increments 4 PDMW_ Pendant mount wet location; specify length 6-48 in 6" increments 4 Options Lamped Finish External accessories HS House side shield FSS Flush source shield Hardware option TPH Tamper-proof hardware Ballast ELN Emergency battery back-up 5 Polarpack PLPKX Polarpack cold-weather start option 120V PLPKY Polarpack cold-weather start option 347V 6 PLPKZ Polarpack cold-weather start option 208-277V Mounting option EQSM Earthquake seismic mount 7 LPI 3000K lamp included LP35K 3500K lamp included LP41K 4100K lamp included DWH Gloss white (standard) BL Black BZ Bronze WH White DDB Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum GR Gray SND Sand STG Steel gray CF Custom finish ORDERING INFORMATION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit 4 (10.2) 7-1/2 (19.1) 49-1/2 (125.7) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. 4760 T5/T5HO Linear Fluorescent Canopy and Parking Garage Intended Use The Hydrel 4760 Series of linear fluorescent lighting fixtures bring the high-performance of T5 and T5H0 lamps to the outdoors.Withthe4760Seriespatent-pendingPolarpack cold-weather option, full light output is now a reality to 0F (-18C). The T5 and T5HO lamp performance, high output optical system, and simple architectural lines make this fixture series ideal for spreading soft, even illuminates under canopies, covered walkways and garages. The 4760 Series linear fluorescent offers a high-efficiency fluorescent option to the outdoor lighting market. Features all fasteners are stainless steel pendant mount with various lengths available resetting, Class P, HPF, A+ sound rated, -20C starting temperature Listings UL, cUL. R Notes 1 Only available if ELN is chosen. 2 CM and CMDE are wet location listed, may be wall mounted. 3 Two (2) 3/4" NPT end knockout direct entry, one on each end. 4 12" standard length if not specified. 5 Must choose 120V or 277V. MVOLT and 347V not available. 6 Not available with ELN or MVOLT. 7 Option required for PDMD and PDMW installations located in areas. Subject to seismic activity. Not available with CM mount.

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