Product Selection Guide Page 919 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

919 PSG11 HP3 HP4 AREA & WALL MOUNTED PRODUCT INFORMATION Building Mounted HYDREL Intended Use Ideal for schools, parking garages, walkways, airports and stadiums. Features surface mounting or optional splice box for direct entry pole, pendant and base mount impact resistance 150 watts type III and type IV distributions acheivable through internal adjuctment Listings UL, suitable for wet locations. Example: HP3 150M 120 HFW SDE SF LPI BL Specifications subject to change. Series Lamp type Voltage Distribution HP3 HP4 Metal halide HP3 50M 70M 100M 150M 1,2 Metal halide HP4 200M 1 250M 1 High pressure sodium HP3 50S 70S High pressure sodium HP3/HP4 100S 150S 1, 2 High pressure sodium HP4 250S 1 120 208 240 277 347 120/277 MVOLT 2 TB HP3 HFW High forward wall LHW Low horizontal wall LFW Low forward wall LLW Low left wall LRW Low right wall HSC High symmetrical ceiling HNC High narrow ceiling HAC High assymmetrical ceiling Lens 3 Mounting Options Lamped Finish HP4 FLG Flat lens tempered glass FLP Flat lens polycarbonate HP3 and HP4 BMS Base mount, single PMS Pole, single RSB Recessed, splice box SNB Surface, no box SPM Pendant, single SSB Surface, spice box HP3 PFD Plaster frame, direct entry PFS Plaster frame, splice box RDE Recessed, direct entry SDE Surface, direct entry Fusing SF Single fuse 4 DF Double fuse 5 Receptacle PER Photocontrol receptacle 1, 2, 6 Re-strike QRS Quartz emergency re-strike Ballast SCWA Super constant wattage ballast 7 LPI Lamp included BL Black BZ Bronze GN Green GR Gray WH White CF Custom finish ORDERING INFORMATION Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. 15-5/8 (39.7) 16-3/8 (41.6) Recessed 4-0 box (by others) 11-3/8 (28.9) 6-7/8 (17.5) 5-5/8 (39.7) 16-3/8 (41.6) Recessed 11-3/8 (28.9) 6-7/8 (17.5) HP4 2-1/4 (5.7) 7 (17.8) Two 1/4" mounting holes for wall anchor bolts (bolts by others) Cast knockouts for 4-0 box mounting HP3 11-3/8 (28.9) 12-3/8 (31.4) Recessed 4-0 box (by others) 9 (22.9) 6-1/4 (15.9) 1-3/8 (28.9) 12-3/8 (31.4) Recessed 9 (22.9) 6-1/4 (15.9) HP3 Cast knockouts for 4-0 box mountings Four 1/4" mounting holes for wall anchor bolts (bolts by others) 3-5/8 (9.2) 12 (30.5) HP4 Notes 1 Not available with RDE mounting. 2 Not available with RSB mounting. 3 150W maximum; reflector is not adjustable with this lens. 4 SF only is available with 120V, 277V or 347V on MH only. 5 DF only is available with 208V or 240V on MH only. 6 NEMA twist-lock receptacle only. Photocontrol by others. 7 Required on 200M and 250M metal halide lamps. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit

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