Product Selection Guide Page 916 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 916 BOLLARDS Intended Use The G2 Bollard Series is designed to work in building perimeter areas and public spaces, completing a wide variety of architectural styles. The G2 bollard fixture offers an unmatched impact-resistant mounting and leveling design, ensuring life-long performance. Features steel fasteners base mounting plate ensuring ease of installation frosted borosilicate glass for clear lamps or clear glass with coated lamps available Listings UL, cUL, IP65, suitable for wet locations. IES cutoff. PRODUCT INFORMATION Bollards HYDREL G2 LOUVER BOLLARD G2LBW G2LBD Example: G2LBD 36 100M MVOLT SYM LEDBF LEDCWB DCT GEB LPIC DNAT Specifications subject to change. Series Height 1 Lamp type Voltage Distribution G2LBD G2LBW 36 42 Metal halide 2 70M 100M Ceramic metal halide 2 70CM 100CM 35CMT6 70CMT6 High pressure sodium 2 50S 70S 100S Fluorescent 26DTT 32TRT 42TRT 120 208 240 277 347 120/277 MVOLT 3 TB SYM Symmetric FT Forward throw Light wash 4 Option Lamped Finish Bollard front LWF Light wash front LEDAF LED color wash, amber front LEDBF LED color wash, blue front LEDGF LED color wash, green front LEDRF LED color wash, red front LEDCWF LED color wash, cool white front LEDWWF LED color wash, warm white front LEDWRYF LED color wash, royal blue front Bollard back LWB Light wash back LEDAB LED color wash, amber back LEDBB LED color wash, blue back LEDGB LED color wash, green back LEDRB LED color wash, red back LEDCWB LED color wash, cool white back LEDWWB LED color wash, warm white back LEDRYB LED color wash, royal blue back Control DCT Dual circuit 5 Fusing SF Single fuse 6 DF Double fuse 7 Ballast GEB Electronic ballast 8 ELN Emergency battery backup 9 LPI Lamp included LPIC Lamp included (coated) 10 Finish DDLB Designer black, textured DSPD Dark gray, textured DNAT Natural aluminum, textured DWHG Designer white, textured DDBT Dark bronze, textured DSPF Rust, textured CF Custom finish Optional louvers finishes _/PL Louvers to match 11 ORDERING INFORMATION ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. Light center height 41 (104.1) or 35 (88.9) 8 (20.3) 8 (20.3) 8 (20.3) 4 (10.2) 41-1/2 (105.4) or 35-1/2 (90.2) 36 (91.4) or 30 (76.2) 9 (22.9) 8 (20.3) 4 (10.2) 9 (22.9) Notes 1 Bollard heights are nominal (shown in inches). 2 All lamps (excluding 35CMT6 and 70CMT6) are coated as recommended unless LPI is specified. 3 MVOLT standard with fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps with electronic ballast option. 4 Light options are mutually exclusive. Choose one per side. For single circuit wiring, LED light option not available with MVOLT or electronic ballast option operating at 277V, or with 347V. For DCT dual circuit option, secondary LED voltage required to be 120V (for primary voltages: 120V, 208V, 347V, MVOLT) or 240V (for primary voltages 240V or 277V). 5 DCT available with LED color wash option only. 6 SF available with 120V, 277V or 347V on HID fixtures only. 7 DF available with 208V or 240V on HID fixtures only. 8 Electronic ballast options available with metal halide lamps only. 9 Available with fluorescent only. 10 LPIC recommended for E17 and ED17 lamps. Not available with fluorescent, 35CMT6 or 70CMT6 HID lamps. 11 Standard louver finish: matte black top, high-gloss white bottom unless __/PL is chosen. __/PL is not recommended for DWHG white or other light color finishes due to increased visible glare and reduced fixture cutoff. G2LBW G2LBD

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