Product Selection Guide Page 913 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

913 PSG11 STEP & BORDER PRODUCT INFORMATION Border Lights HYDREL Example: M9450 18TRT MVOLT 12B LP SND Specifications subject to change. Series Lamp type Voltage Conduit entry Options Lamped Finish M9450 Pathway light M9460 Marker light Low voltage 1 50QT3 Incandescent 2 75Q Metal halide 70M Fluorescent 18TRT 26TRT 32TRT Ceramic metal halide 35CMT4 1 35CMT6 70CM 3 70CMT4 1 70CMT6 100CM 3 12 1,8 120 208 240 277 347 MVOLT 4 12B 1/2" NPT bottom 12S 1/2" NPT side 34B 3/4" NPT bottom 34S 3/4" NPT side 1B 1" NPT bottom Internal accessories 3 MILS90 Internal 90 light shield MILS180 Internal 180 ight shield External accessories 1 XLS External glare shield 2XLS Two external glare shields Fusing SF Single fuse 5 DF Double fuse 6 Ballast 7 GEB Electronic ballast LPI Lamp included BL Black BZ Bronze DDB Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum GN Green GR Gray SND Sand STG Steel gray TVG Terra verde green WH White CF Custom finish ORDERING INFORMATION Intended Use Pathway and marker lights are multi-purpose units designed for high-traffic areas to be mounted in a variety of substrates. the M9460 Series also is suitable for drive-over applications and has been tested to withstand up to 22,000 lbs. Features steel fasteners with optional louvered doors to 90 watts or 2 MR16 lamps up to 35 watts each Listings UL, cUL, IP67. M9450 M9460 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. 3 (7.6) 2-1/4 (5.7) 16 (40.6) 13 (33.0) 15-7/8 (40.3) 4-1/8 (10.5) 9 (22.9) M9450 M9460 Notes 1 Only available with M9460. 2 Only available in 120V. 3 Only available with M9450. 4 MVOLT is only available with fluorescent and metal halide lamps. 5 SF available with 120V, 277V or 347V and HID only. 6 DF available with 208V or 240V and HID only. 7 Only available with HID lamps and MVOLT voltage. 8 Low-voltage only; transformer sold separately.

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