Product Selection Guide Page 90 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

90 LITHONIA LIGHTING COMMERCIAL INDOOR PSG11 Achieve significant energy savings through a lighting retrofit without sacrificing lighting appearance or performance. The RELIGHT collection of retrofit products from Lithonia Lighting can improve the quality and aesthetics of the lighting while still generating optimum energy savings and reducing maintenance costs. Fast, simple installation provides up-front labor savings while minimizing disruption in the space. Provide the appearance and performance of a new light fixture without the expense and effort of a replacement! THREE EASY STEPS: 1. REMOVE and RECYCLE internal components from existing fixture. 2. RELIGHT with Lithonia Lighting solutions for a quick, clean installation. 3. REFRESH and REVITALIZE your environment. RELIGHT kits provide UL classified solutions in nearly any recessed linear fluorescent fixture, and kits are available in both LED and high- efficiency fluorescent sources. RELIGHT LED kits are also available for most common round downlight fixtures. RELIGHT systems provide the appearance, performance, and energy savings of a new light fixture at a far lower installed cost than a complete fixture replacement. Which RELIGHT system will work best for you? Lithonia Lighting RELIGHT kits currently installed are saving our customers nearly one billion kWh per year in energy -all while providing vastly improved lighting and appearance in their space. Retrofit + Appearance + Performance = RELIGHT Major Influences in a Lighting Decision - with RELIGHT, you don't have to sacrifice one for the other PRODUCT INFORMATION REMOVE Existing Fixture REPLACE With RELIGHT Kit REVITALIZE Your Environment Energy Savings Performance, Appearance Installation, Labor, Maintenance & Disposal SCHOOLS OFFICES HEALTHCARE

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