Product Selection Guide Page 895 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

895 PSG11 FLOOD & LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Mounting Accessories MOUNTING ACCESSORIES PRODUCT INFORMATION Flood & Landscape Lighting Mounting HYDREL Notes 1 Two of the selected mounting boxes will be provided. 2 PS available in 12V only. 3 Knuckle mount fixtures only. 4 Specify up to four junction boxes per strap. 5 Will accept two fixtures per mounting. To order with the fixture put 2/ in the lamp type category; for example: 4511 2/M35 12 SP WBC 4O DNA. Visit for detailed information on any of the mounting options. 6 For 120V portable applications only. 7 Multiple lengths available consult specification sheets. = option available Please remember to order a ballast or transformer box. FLOOD AND LANDSCAPE LIGHTING MOUNTING ACCESSORIES NOMENCLATURE DESCRIPTION 4750 1 4519 4521 4524 4525 4610 4620 4630 4640 4650 4709 NO BALLAST ARJB Architectural junction box EWM Extended wall mount FJB Flush mounted junction box JBA/JBB Junction box aluminum/bronze MS/MSB Mounting spike steel/bronze (12" or 18" - 12V only) PS/PSS Polymer ground spike open/sealed (18", 24" 36") 2 PSSA Pedestal stanchion mount SBA/SBB Stake box aluminum/bronze (12" or 18") 3 SMSA Stanchion mount 7 TRA/TRB Tree mounted T-box aluminum/bronze TRAS/TRBS Tree strap 4 WBC35R/WBC4O Wall box cover 3, 5 WMC Wall mount cover 3 WMSA Wall mount with integral splice box WMSA EA/EAS Wall mount with extended arms 7 WMP Wall mount plate WMP EA Wall mount plate for extended arm 7 WMP EAS Wall mount plate with extended arm strut 7 BALLAST AGB Above-ground ballast (175W max. - remote) BPCA/BPCB Big polymer combo box (175W max.) BPTA Big polymer transfomer box (300W max. low voltage) BSB Big surface box (175W max.) 5 BSB EA Big surface box with extended arms (175W max.) 7 BSBTS Big surface box with tree strap (175W max.) 5 SPCA Small polymer combo box (70W max.) SPCB Smallpolymer combo box (70W max.) SSB Small surface box (70W max.) 5 SSB EA Small surface box with extended arms (70W max.) 7 SSBTS Small surface box with tree strap (70W max.) 5 TRMT Tree mount transformer

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