Product Selection Guide Page 871 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

871 PSG11 PRODUCT INFORMATION Intended Use The Birch and Laurel ingrade luminaires are multi-purpose units designed for uplighting architectural and landscape features these units can be flush mounted into a variety of substrates or landscape materials. Features body & tube machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, stainless hardware glass lens or concrete Listings ETL, UL; suitable for wet location. BIRCH LAUREL PRODUCT TYPE Winscape In-Grade HYDREL 871 PSG11 IN-GRADE HYDREL Series Material Source LED Color Temperature Voltage Distribution 1,2 Options 3 BIRCH LAUREL A Aluminum BR Brass Birch 1LED11 LED 1 up 1 MR1112DC MR11 12W MR1120DC MR11 20W MR1135DC MR11 35W Laurel 3LED16 2 Low Voltage M20 MR16 20W M35 MR16 35W M42 MR16 42W M50 MR16 50W Low Voltage Long Life M20LL MR16 20W M35LL MR16 35W M50LL MR16 50W 27K 30K 35K 40K 12 Birch 8DEG 10DEG 17DEG 20DEG 30DEG 36DEG Laurel 10DEG 12DEG 23DEG 24DEG 25DEG 38DEG 40DEG 60DEG Internal Glare IHL Honeycomb louver Internal Lens L1 Prismatic L2 Linear spread L3 Softening Options (cont.) Cord Set Length Lamped Finish Modification Internal Filter FA Filter amber FG Filter green FGD Filter green dichroic FLB Filter light blue FM Filter mercury vapor FMB Filter medium blue FMBD Filter medium blue dichroic FR Filter red FRD Filter red dichroic External Ring CPR Concrete pour ring CSL_ 5'-120' of cord available in 5' increments LPI BL Black BRS Bronze smooth BRT Bronze textured CHS Chrome smooth DBL Bronze smooth DDB Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum NBS Natural bronze smooth SIS Silver smooth VET Verde textured WH White NAT Brushed brass w/ satin POL Polised brass w/ gloss BRZ Satin bronze w/ gloss MOD Windscape modification Example: LAUREL A 3LED16 27K 12 10DEG IHL L1 CSL10 BRT ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. BIRCH LAUREL Notes 1 1LED11 available in 10DEG, 20DEG, 36DEG. 2 3LED16 available in 10DEG, 25DEG, 40DEG. 3 Up to three internal accessories per fixture. BIRCH LAUREL 2-3/4" w/Pour Collar 2-1/2" Concrete Pour Collar MR-11 lamp (35W max) 1/4" Wall Ingrade Tube 6' 12/2 Landscape Cable Recommended Gravel for drainage (by installer) 10" 10-1/4" W/Pour Collar 3-1/2" W/Pour Collar 3" MR-16 lamp (50W/20W max) 1/4" Wall Ingrade Tube 6' 12/2 Landscape Cable Recommended Gravel for drainage (by installer) 10" 10-/14" Pour Collar

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