Product Selection Guide Page 870 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 870 PRODUCT INFORMATION IN-GRADE Intended Use Hydrels Model 9360DO, is a bronze well light, incorporating some of the internal components of our M9400 Series. This fixture features drive-over capacities, capable of supporting a wide variety of vehicle types and loads. The soils engineer or pavement designer must properly design this fixture into the supporting soil, subbase and finishing surface. A properly designed pavement section pavement section could support the fixture for vertical and lateral loads up through AASHTO HS20 (20-ton truck; 16000 Ibs. per wheel load @ 15 miles per hour). The smaller fixture footprint allows for placement in tight areas. Features ballast modules lamp type) to 100F TRT fluorescent and HID lamps available a composite resin to eliminate water, magnetic and electronic available applications Listings UL, C.E., CSA, IP67, NEMKO. 9360DO Drive-Over Flush-Mounted Uplight Well Lights HYDREL Series Orientation Material Lamp type LED color 9360DO Drive-over capacity UP Flange up DN Flange down B Bronze LED 12LED 12W Low voltage M50 MR16, GX5.3 M75 MR16, GX5.3 P3650ILV PAR36, screw terminal P3675ILV PAR36, screw terminal Incandescent 1 P2050I PAR20, medium 100Q T4, mini-can Fluorescent 2 18TRT Triple tube, GX24q3 26TRT Triple tube, GX24q4 32TRT Triple tube, GX24q4 Metal halide 20CMT4 T4, G8.5 3 35CMT4 T4, G8.5 3 35CMT6 T6, G12 5 70CMT4 T4, G8.5 3 70CMT6 T6, G12 5 P2035CM PAR20, medium P2035CM PAR30, medium P2070CM PAR30, medium WHT30K 3000K WHT41K 4100K WHT53K 5300K AMB Amber BLU Blue GRN Green RED Red Voltage Distribution Lens Conduit entry Options 9 Lamped 12 4 120 208 240 277 347 MVOLT 5 NSP Narrow spot 6 SP Spot NFL Narrow flood 6 MFL Medium flood FL Flood WFL Wide flood VWFL Very wide flood LSD Linear spread distribution 6 FLC Flat lens clear 34B 3/4" NPT bottom Fusing 7 SF Single fuse DF Double fuse Ballast GEB Electronic ballast 8 LP Lamp installed Example: 9360DO DN B 70CMT6 120 AMB 120 SP FLC 34B LP ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Flange Up Flange Down 16-14 (41.3) 16-14 (41.3) 8-3/8 (21.3) 11 (27.9) Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. H Flange Down Flange Up H 8-3/8 (21.3) 11 (27.9) Low Voltage/ Incandescent Fluorescent HID Height: 16-1/4 (41.3) 19 (48.3) 22-1/2 (57.2) Notes 1 Incandescent models available with 120V only. 2 Only available with NSP or MFL distributions. 3 Lamps available with GEB electronic MVOLT (120V-277V) ballast only. 4 Available for low-voltage lamps only. Remote 12V power supply required. 5 MVOLT is standard on all fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps with GEB ballast option and 12LED. 6 Only valid with LED. 7 SF only valid with 120V, 277V or 347V. DF only valid with 208V, 220V, or 240V with MH only. 8 Only valid with metal halide lamps. 9 Not available with LED. LED

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