Product Selection Guide Page 865 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

865 PSG11 HYDREL PRODUCT INFORMATION Wet-Dry In-Grade Intended Use The WD9100 Series wet/dry up lights represent the state-of- the-art in flush up light construction. These multi-purpose modular units are designed for mounting in areas that are prone to being submerged in water. Features UV stabilized ABS available for the quartz lamps to 100F in-line dimming Listings UL. WD9100 IN-GRADE Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. 12 (30.5) 11 (27.9) Niche Mount 12 (30.5) 11 (27.9) 12 (30.5) 11 (27.9) Base Mount Notes 1 PAR38 lamps are available only with SP or FL distributions; lens options available for modifying PAR38 distributions. 2 FL distribution is not available with 100Q or 150Q. 3 NFL distribution requires a FLC30 lens. 4 WFL distribution requires a FLF lens. 5 WWD distribution requires a FLC5 lens. 6 NM mounting does not come with an underwater junction box. 7 BM mounting comes with an underwater junction box. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Series Lamp type Voltage Distribution Lens Mounting WD9100 Wet-dry in-grade Incandescent 1 P3883I PAR38, medium P38150I PAR38, medium P38250I PAR38, medium Quartz 2 100Q T4, MC 150Q T4, MC 120 SP Spot 1 NFL Narrow flood 3 MFL Medium flood FL Flood 1, 2 WFL Wide flood 4 WWD Wall wash distribution 5 FLC Flat lens clear FLC5 Flat lens clear, 5 axial spread FLC10 Flat lens clear, 10 tilt FLC30 Flat lens clear, 30 spread FLF Flat lens frosted NM Niche mount 6 BM Base mount 7 Conduit entry Options Cord set length Lamped 34B 3/4" NPT bottom 12B 1/2" NPT bottom IHL Internal honeycomb louver MSR Modular support ring STR Stainless steel trim ring, round CSL_ 10-120 of cord available in 5 increments LP Lamp installed Example: WD9100 P3883I 120 SP FLC NM 34B IHL CSL30 LP ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change.

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