Product Selection Guide Page 864 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

864 PSG11 HYDREL PRODUCT INFORMATION Sealed In-Grade IN-GRADE PARADOX Notes For visual representation only; not scaled proportionately. RG Decorative rock guard WWL Wallwash louver IHL Internal honeycomb louver ISS Internal source shield GS Glare shield stainless steel (PDX7 only) TKO 5 Tilt lens filter (PDX4 only) TKO 10 Tilt lens filter (PDX4 only) TKO 15 Tilt lens filter (PDX4 only) TKO kit includes 5, 10 and 15 tilt filters and the 5 axial spread filter. TKO 5 Axial spread filter FLCAS Anti-slip lens FLCSR Slip-resistant lens (frosted on top) Safety Accessories Light Control Accessories

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