Product Selection Guide Page 862 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

862 PSG11 HYDREL PRODUCT INFORMATION Sealed In-Grade IN-GRADE PDX10 Paradox 10" Architectural In-Grade Monochromatic LED Dynamic RGB HYDREL Notes 1 For lens load ratings and slip resistance and temperatures, see page 857. 2 Not available with RG option. 3 Only valid with 120V, not valid with RGB. 4 3 DMX= Red, Green and Blue. 5 4 DMX= Red, Green, Blue and Intensity. 6 Static Channels-all fixtures will be programmed with the same set of numbers specify starting number. 7 Sequential channels-fixtures will be programmed with individual numbers, specify starting number. 8 Only valid with LDIM. Drawings are for dimensional detail only and may not represent actual mechanical configuration. Dimensions are shown in inches (centimeters) unless otherwise noted. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Series 1 Material Lamp type LED color Voltage Distribution Lens PDX10 SS Stainless steel BSS Brushed stainless steel 2 B Bronze 18LED 19 watt WHT30K 3000K WHT41K 4100K WHT53K 5300K AMB Amber BLU Blue GRN Green RED Red RGB Mixing 120 3 MVOLT SP Spot NFL Narrow flood MFL Medium flood FL Flood WFL Wide flood VWFL Very wide flood LSD Linear spread distribution FLC Flat lens clear FLCAS Flat lens clear, anti slip 2 FLCSR Flat lens frosted, slip resistant 2 Conduit entry Control Channel Options Lamped 34S Two 3/4 NPT side (standard) RGB Only 3DMX 3-Channel DMX512 4 4DMX 4-Channel DMX512 5 RGB Only ST_ Static 6 SQ_ Sequential 7 Internal accessories IHL Internal honeycomb louver External accessories RG Decorative rock guard Ballast LDIM 0-10V dimming 8 LPI Lamp included Example: PDX10 SS 18LED WHT53K MVOLT SP FLC 34S IHL LPI ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Intended Use Hydrels Paradox Series sealed modular in-grade luminaires are multi-purpose units designed for uplighting architectural and landscape features. These units can be flush-mounted into a variety of substrates or landscape materials, and are ideal when aperture size or luminaire depth is a priority. Features amber and DMX512 RGB mixing molded polyester housing volt dimming available Listings UL, cUL. 12 (30.5) 12 (30.5) 18 (45.7) 10 (25.4) 6 (15.2) Visit for color changing LED specifications. Monochromatic Housing

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