Product Selection Guide Page 847 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition PSG11 ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS PRODUCT INFORMATION Antique Street Lamps provides you a powerful tool for configuring your ASL products and assemblies. The ASL "Envision" tool allows you to create customized assemblies consisting of luminaire, post, arm and accessories. Envision supports the ease of doing business with ASL, including generation of valid nomenclature and access to streamlined pricing via Agile, wind-load validation, and tools to assist in bid preparations. ON-LINE TOOLS Envision ENVISION 847 Once created, your Envision assembly can be previewed as a 3D rendering, and can even add an application photo to the background, to assist in preparing your bid. A custom cut sheet of your assembly is generated to further complete the bid package. Configurations can be saved, copied and even shared as a standalone assembly or collection of assemblies within a project. To access the new ASL Envision tool today, simply visit

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