Product Selection Guide Page 846 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS PRODUCT INFORMATION ON-LINE TOOLS Post & Arms Matrix Guide 846 Finding the correct arm or post to go with your Luminaire selection can be quite complicated. ASL has a selection matrix to aid you in this process. Visit to get the latest information available. POST & ARMS MATRIX GUIDE Eurotique Small Pendant Arms EAA4 EAB4 EAC4 EAD4 EAE4 EAF4 EAG4 EAH4 EAJ4 EAK4 EAL4 EAA5 EAB5 EAC5 EAD5 EAE5 EAF5 EAG5 EAH5 EAJ5 EAK5 EAL5 Arm Wall Bracket 1 1 Luminaire 2 2 Luminaires Relative DSP EUROTIQUE SMALL PENDANT ARMS EAA4 L EAB4 H EAC4 L EAD4 M EAE4 M EAF4 M EAG4 M EAH4 H EAJ4 M EAK4 M EAL4 M EUROTIQUE LARGE PENDANT ARMS EAA5 L EAB5 H EAC5 L EAD5 M EAE5 M EAF5 M EAG5 M EAH5 H EAJ5 M EAK5 M EAL5 M Eurotique Large Pendant Arms ASL-1007 Cast Iron Lighting Posts BANGOR CAPITOL CENTRAL PARK DEERFIELD DETROIT FORT WORTH FRANKFORT HARTFORD NEWPORT NEW YORK ROCKFORD SAN GERMAN SANTA ANA WEST POINT Series Family Base Dia. All Cast Cast Base with Steel Shaft Bolt Circle 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Relative DSP CAST IRON LIGHTING POSTS BANGOR PI B16 16" Oct. 12" L BANGOR PI B20 20" Oct. 15" M CAPITOL PI C17 17" Rd 12" M CAPITOL PI C20 20" Rd 15" H CAPITOL PI C24 24" Rd 17" H CAPITOL PZ C17 17" Rd 12" M CAPITOL PZ C20 20" Rd 15" M CAPITOL PZ C24 24" Rd 17" H CENTRAL PARK PI CP18 18.5" Rd 13" L CENTRAL PARK PI CP20 20" Rd 15" M CENTRAL PARK PI CPSL18 18.5" Rd 13" M DEERFIELD PI DF20 20" Rd 12" H DETROIT PI D15 15" Rd 10" L DETROIT PZ D15 15" Rd 10" L FORT WORTH PI FW18 18" Sq. 15" M FORT WORTH PI FW22 22" Sq. 19" H FORT WORTH PZ FW18 18" Sq. 15" M FORT WORTH PZ FW22 22" Sq. 19" H FRANKFORT PI FF16 16" Sq. 16" L HARTFORD PI H16 16" Rd 11" M NEW YORK PI NY17 17" Rd 12" L ASL-1012 6/13

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