Product Selection Guide Page 844 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS PRODUCT INFORMATION RAPID-SHIP EUROTIQUE ASSEMBLIES RAPID-SHIP PROGRAM Rapid-Ship Program 844 ORDERING INFORMATION Specifications subject to change. Example: EPAX 16 S4 ANBK RSP Notes 1 Reflectors designed for 400M, ED28 lamp or 400S, E18 lamp. 2 Multi-tap Ballast (120, 208, 240, 277v), (120, 277, 347v in Canada). 3 For finish specifications, contact ASL. 4 Wind loading needs to be considered when choosing an arm. Please consult Antique Street Lamps. Anchor Bolts All anchor bolts are pre-shipped. Small Assembly EAL4/1 Single arm 4 EAL4/2 Twin arm 4 Large Assembly EAL5/1 Single arm 4 EAL5/2 Twin arm 4 Arm Series PER Twist & Lock Photocontrol Receptacle PEI NEMA Twist & Lock PE 120, 208, 240V PE3 NEMA Twist & Lock PE 347V PE4 NEMA Twist & Lock PE 480V PE7 NEMA Twist & Lock PE 277V Arm Options STEP 1 STEP 2 Small Assembly EM17 RT EM17 ST EM17 FT Large Assembly EM25 RT EM25 ST EM25 FT Luminaire Series STEP 1 Wattage/Lamp STEP 2 50S MED 100S MED 150S MED 50M MED 70M MED 100M MED 150M MED 150S MOG 250M MOG 400M MOG High Pressure Sodium EPSX Small Assembly Metal Halide H.I.D. Ballast and Socket Assembly High Pressure Sodium EPSX Large Assembly Metal Halide GCF Glass Clear Flat Lens Material STEP 3 SR3 Type III Distribution 1 STEP 4 TB1 120 volt TB2 208 volt TB3 240 volt TB4 277 volt 347 347 volt Voltage 2 STEP 5 ANBK Black ANDB Dark Bronze ANDG Dark Green Finish 3 STEP 6 RSP Rapid-Ship Program STEP 7 Small Assembly EPAX Eurotique pole - aluminum Large Assembly EPAX Eurotique pole - aluminum 16 16' 18 18' 20 20' Height Pole Series S4 Smooth 4" S5 Smooth 5" Shaft STEP 1 STEP 3 STEP 2 ANBK Black ANDB Dark Bronze ANDG Dark Green Finish STEP 4 RSP Rapid-Ship Program STEP 5 ANBK Black ANDB Dark Bronze ANDG Dark Green Finish STEP 3 RSP Rapid-Ship Program STEP 4 EHL16 EHL22 ETHL16 ETHL22 Fixture STEP 1 Base STEP 2 ST RT FT Source & Wattage STEP 3 49LED 350MA 49LED 525MA 63LED 350MA 63LED 525MA 4K Color Temp STEP 4 GCF GCSG Lens Option STEP 5 MVOLT 120-277 volt Voltage STEP 6 R3 R5 Distribution STEP 7 ANBK ANDB ANDG Finish STEP 8 RSP Rapid-Ship Program STEP 9 HID LED EML17 EML25 ETML17 ETML25

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