Product Selection Guide Page 827 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition PSG11 ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS PRODUCT INFORMATION FGIUL-S 827 Series Clamp diameter 1 Arms Eyebolts Eyebolt clamp diameter 1 Finish Bolt-on BAB 1 banner arm One set clamp-on BAC19 1 arm BAC28 2 @ 180 BAC29 2 @ 90 BACD3 3" BACD3-1/2 3.5" BACD4 4" BACD4-1/2 4.5" BACD5 5" BACD5-1/2 5.5" BACD6 6" BACD6-1/2 6.5" BACDTBS to be specified 12H4 1", 12" long 18H4 1", 18" long 24H4 1", 24" long 30H4 1", 30" long 36H4 1", 36" long Bolt-on EBB 1 eyebolt One set clamp-on EBC19 1 eyebolt EBC28 2 @ 180 EBC29 2 @ 90 EBCD3 3" EBCD3-1/2 3.5" EBCD4 4" EBCD4-1/2 4.5" EBCD5 5" EBCD5-1/2 5.5" EBCD6 6" EBCD6-1/2 6.5" EBCDTB S to be specified ANBK Black ANDB Dark bronze ANDG Dark green ANVG Verde green ANPP Prime painted CM Custom match CS Custom select (RAL colors) DBL Black DDB Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum DWH White ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Banner Arms BAB Bolt-on Mounting Eyebolt EBB Bolt-on Mounting Sample Banner Mounting (banner by others) ORDERING INFORMATION POST-MOUNTED ACCESSORIES Street Signs Traffic Signs SS1B SS1C19 SS1P ST030C ST030P STR3612C STR1824C Frame for 36x 12 Rectangular Sign with Clamp-on Mounting Frame for 18x 24 Rectangular Sign with Clamp-on Mounting Frame for 30 Octagonal Sign Clamp-on Mounting Post Top Mounting Clamp-on Mounting Post Top Mounting Bolt-on Mounting Frame for 30x 6Oval Sign Antique Street Lamps offers an extensive set of post-mounted accessories that provide an aesthetic statement with functional purpose. From decorative accessories such as post-top finials, to functional accessories such as electrical receptacles, ASL can offer you post- mounted solutions to enhance your streetscape installation. (Arms and eyebolts are separate accessories.) Some of the ASL accessories require factory-installed mounting provisions. Please consult your factory representative with details of your specific application. HISTORICAL Post-Mounted Accessories Receptacles FG-S FGIUS-S Example: BAC19 BACD4 24H4 ANBK Examples of additional accessories MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY Specifications subject to change. Notes 1 For clamp-ons only.

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