Product Selection Guide Page 822 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS PRODUCT INFORMATION HISTORICAL ARMS & WALL BRACKETS POST-TOP Historical Intended Use City streetscapes, public areas and parks, higher education campuses, residential developments, paths and walkways. Shown here is a sampling of arms and wall brackets available; please refer to our web site at for more selections and specifications. Features with your ASL luminaire choice configurations 822 Arms & Wall Brackets Post-Top Wall bracket 1 at 90 2 at 180 2 at 180w/top 3 at 120 3 at 120w/top 4 at 90 4 at 90w/top Finish ACAWB ASCWB CCAWB LBWB PCPWB RTWB WTAWB ACA1 ACA30 ASC30 CCA30 LB33 PCP36 RT39 WTA28 ACA30/2T ASC30/2T CCA30/2T LB33/2T PCP36/2T RT39/2T WTA28/2T ACA30/3 ASC30/3 PCP36/3 ACA30/3T ASC30/3T PCP36/3T ACA30/4 ASC30/4 CCA30/4 LB33/4 PCP36/4 RT39/4 WTA28/4 ACA30/4T ASC30/4T CCA30/4T LB33/4T PCP36/4T RT39/4T WTA28/4T ANBK Black ANDB Dark bronze ANDG Dark green ANVG Verde green ANPP Prime painted CM Custom match CS Custom select (RAL colors) DBL Black DDB Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum DWH White ORDERING INFORMATION Example: ACAWB ANBK ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Post-top Arms for Post-top Luminaires CCA24 Series 3O.D. x 3tall tenon mounting requirement ACA30 Series 3O.D. x 5tall tenon mounting requirement ASC30 Series 3O.D. x 4tall tenon mounting requirement PCP36 Series 3O.D. x 5tall tenon mounting requirement RT39 Series 4O.D. x 6.25tall tenon mounting requirement LB33 LB33 Series 3O.D. x 6tall tenon mounting requirement WTA28 Series 3O.D. x 9tall tenon mounting requirement ONLY ONE SELECTION ALLOWED FROM THESE COLUMNS Specifications subject to change.

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