Product Selection Guide Page 820 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 ANTIQUE STREET LAMPS PRODUCT INFORMATION Series Base Lamp type Lens Distribution Voltage Options Finish AT23 A25 P36 TL26 LT30 RGT RGA RGR RGC2 DS4 DS7 DS8 DS10 AL25 ATL23 RGTL RGAL RGRL RGC2L A AU D E K W Metal halide 70M MED 100M MED 150M MED 250M MED 1 High pressure sodium 70S MED 100S MED 100S MOG 2 150S MED 150S MOG 2 250S MOG 1 Compact fluorescent 8 42TRT 3 LED 9 32LED 525MA 32LED 700MA 24LED 700MA 4 All luminaires except those named below ACT Acrylic clear textured P36 only PCT Polycarbonate clear textured DS10 only ACS Acrylic clear smooth DS4, DS7, DS8, RGT, RGTL, RGA, RGAL, RGR, RGRL, RGC2, RGC2L, DS4, DS7 & DS8 only ARF Acrylic refractive All luminaires except those named below GR3 Optional type 3 glass refractor GR5 Optional type 5 glass refractor RG series only R3 Type 3 refractive lens R5 Type 5 refractive lens DS4, DS7 & DS8 only SR2 Type 2 reflector SR3 Type 3 reflector SR4SC Type 4 reflector SR5S Type 5 reflector AL25 & ATL23 only N5 Type 5 N3 Type 3 4 TB1 120V 5 TB2 208V 5,6 TB3 240V 5 TB4 277V 5 347 347V MVOLT 120-277V 7 PEB1 Photoelectric cell button 120V 7 PEB2 Photoelectric cell button 208-277V 7 PER Twist-lock photocontrol receptacle 7 PE1 NEMA twist-lock PE 120-240V 7 PE4 NEMA twist-lock PE 480V 7 PE7 NEMA twist-lock PE 277V 7 ANBK Black ANDB Dark bronze ANDG Dark green ANVG Verde green ANPP Prime painted CM Custom match CS Custom select (RAL colors) DBL Black DDB Dark bronze DNA Natural aluminum DWH White MODULAR POST- TOP LUMINAIRES Historical ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For additional product information, visit Post-Top Luminaires Most luminaires use base selections. Replace bases shown in illustrations with any on this page. Base AU is available with optional twist-lock photocontrol. Intended Use City streetscapes, public areas & parks, higher education campuses, residential developments, paths and walkways. Shown here is a sampling of luminaires available, please refer to our web site at for more selections and specifications. Features lantern style proportion to the pole high pressure sodium, compact fluorescent and LED options a variety of materials Listings UL and/or CSA Listed to U.S. and Canadian Safety Standards. Luminaires are labeled as suitable for wet location. HISTORICAL Acorn Globes AT23 E AT23L E Acorn Globes with Frames Octagonal A25 W AL25 W P36 E TL26 A LT30 D DS10 K Acorn Refractive Globes RGT A RGTL A RGA E FPF RGAL E FPF FPF RGR AU FPF RGRL AU FPF FPF RGC2 D FPF RGC2L D FPF DS4 K CutoffOptics (DS) DS7 K CutoffOptics (DS) DS8 K CutoffOptics (DS) E D K A W AU Luminaire Base Styles Post-Top Luminaires ORDERING INFORMATION Example: AT23 A 70M MED ACT GR3 TB1 PEB1 ANBK 820 Notes 1 250W only available with AT23, A25, P36, TL26, LT30, and all RGs acorns when used with A, W and AU luminaire bases. 2 Not available in DS4, DS7, DS8 or DS10. 3 N3 not available with 24LED 700MA. 4 HID only. 5 Consult factory for availability in Canada. 6 MVOLT only available for 42TRT and LED. 7 Optional twist-type receptacle and controls only available with AU luminaire base. 8 42TRT not available in DS4, DS7, DS8 and DS10. 9 AL25, ATL23, RGTL, RGAL,RGRL, AND RGC2L only. Specifications subject to change.

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