Product Selection Guide Page 812 Product Selection Guide-11th Edition

PSG11 812 LITHONIA LIGHTING OUTDOOR PRODUCT INFORMATION OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES Options & Accessories SSS HHC: Order as hand-hole cover for full pole description. Also specify if pole is existing. For image of available hand hole cover, go to www.lithonia. com. CATALOG NUMBER DESCRIPTION FDL Festoon duplex outlet, less electric Provision provided for mounting duplex outlet. When ordering, specify location in height and feet above base of pole and orientation from the hand hole. Anchor Bolts Base Covers Festoon Outlets Hand-Hole Cover Plates Horizontal Arm Bracket VD-Vibration Damper Tamperproof Screws Available in various sizes for use with Lithonia Lighting poles. Set includes hex nuts and washers. Anchor bolt is partially galvanized for exposed threads per ASTM-A153. Bolts have minimum-yield strength rating of 55,000 psi, AASHTO M314 GR55. See individual pole catalog pages for anchor bolt sizes and description. CATALOG NUMBER POLE SQUARE X DEPTH SBC4 SSS 4" 8.75" x 5.0" SBC5 SSS 5" 11.50" x 6.0" SBC6 SSS 6" 12.75" x 5.6" For full-base cover on other poles, must order FBC. When ordering separately, specify full pole nomenclature; i.e., FBC for RTA 25 7E. Also specify if pole is existing. Two-piece, full-base cover. Four fasteners provided to secure pieces together. Finished to match pole. Shipped separately. Standard with steel poles only. CATALOG NUMBER MATERIAL EPA (FT 2 ) WEIGHT (LBS) H1-18A Aluminum .43 7 H1-18S Steel .50 11 H1-18F Fiberglass .45 8 H1-18C Concrete .55 9 Notes SSS and SSA arm attachment is slightly different from RTA. Arm modifications located on pole to accept arms. Arms shipped as separate item. Single or twin side-mounted horizontal arm brackets for additional luminaires. Made from 2-3/8" pipe. Upright is 18" from pole; special arm lengths may be available upon request. Arms are rated for luminaires up to 4.5 sq. ft. EPA and 100 lbs. per arm. When ordering, specify location in height and feet above base of pole and orientation from the hand hole. Order as TP. Tamperproof screws provided with hand-hole covers. It has been found that low steady winds sometimes induce second mode vibration in lighting poles. Second mode vibration is characterized by the maximum periodic motion occurring at approximately the mid-height of the pole. This type of vibration can result in failure of the pole and/or luminaire. There is no method of predicting destructive light pole vibration. Notes 1 FVD - Field installable vibration damper available upon request. Consult factory. 2 For more information on the effects of vibrations, visit Field Installed Vibration Damper Handhole Opening Foundation Four nut covers are standard for RSA, RTAU, RTS, RTSU and RTA poles only. Nut Covers

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